UK Periprosthetic Infection Group

The UK PJI group is a team of orthopaedic surgeons, microbiologists, radiologists and infectious diseases doctors with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic periprosthetic infections, particularly around the hip and knee.

The group aims to further the treatment and understanding of this complex area of medicine and to form consensus statements about the best ways to diagnose and treat periprosthetic infection in the UK.

Annual Meeting

We host an annual meeting which anyone with an interest in this area is welcome to attend.
The conveners of the meeting are Prof Lee Jays, Mr Rhidian Morgan-Jones, Prof Andrew Toms.
Details for the next UK PJI meeting are yet to be confirmed.

UK PJI Webinar series

UK PJI are currently hosting a webinar series covering a range of topics related to musculoskeletal infection. Details including the registration process can be found here:

UK PJI 2021 (

Infection Fellowships

We recognise the need for sub-specilialist training in the field of orthopaedic infection and the following units provide post CCT orthopaedic fellowships. Please contact us if you would like your fellowship to be added to the list.

Revision Arthroplasty & Infection

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