The Bone and Joint Infection Registry (BAJIR) is a national project that aims to improve our understanding of infections in both normal bones and joints and those that have previously undergone operations, including joint replacements.

These infections are rare but can be difficult to treat and often require prompt and efficient treatment by a specialist team of surgeons, microbiologists and radiologists experienced in managing these problems in order to optimise the outcome. The aim of the registry is to improve care for patients who suffer from these conditions by recording how treatment is delivered across the UK.

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The BAJIR database is the UK Bone and Joint Infection Registry. It is designed to collect data on all patients with bone and joint infections in the UK. The information will be used to better understand bone and joint infections and how best to treat them. It will also be used to assess and improve the quality of services across the NHS to achieve better outcomes for patients with these conditions. In the long term it will provide comparative information to patients, commissioners and regulators of healthcare professionals.

From 2018 medical staff treating patients with a new diagnosis of a bone or joint infection began collecting information on the BAJIR registry. The registry is hosted by Northumbria Healthcare NHS foundation trust and overseen by steering committee of medical professionals including orthopaedic surgeons and microbiology doctors who specialise in treating these bone and joint infections. The registry software is designed and managed by Dendrite clinical systems.

BAJIR Steering Committee

Mike Reed (Chair) 
Tim Petheram (Treasurer)
Iain McNamara (Secretary)
James Masters (Governance)
Anji Kingman (PROMs and Administration Lead)
Luke Farrow / Jerry Tsang (BAJIR Fellows)
Mike Petrie (Engagement Lead)

Andy Toms (BASK)
Simon Jameson (BHS)
Mike Hutton (BASS)
Amar Rangan (BESS)
Rhidian Morgan-Jones (BOA / PJI UK)
Ian Sharpe (BOFAS)
Will Eardley (BTS)
Setor Kunutsor (Scientist)
Lucinda Barrett (Microbiologist)
Neil Jenkins (Microbiologist)
Martin Sarungi (Scotland)
Nigel Westwood (Patient representative)
Pedro Foguet (Member at large)
Jamie Ferguson (Member at large)
Abtin Alvand (Member at large)


The registry is funded by generous contributions from the following industry partners.


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