These resources are available to new users getting started using the registry:

Data Entry Forms These forms may assist data entry by admin staff following operative procedures for infection and for the initial PROMs entry.

New User Registration

In order to start using the  Bone and Joint Infection Registry (BAJIR) you will need to fill out the information sharing agreement below and pass this on to your trust Information Governance team to sign, along with the supporting documents below. You are also advised to complete a local Caldicott approval form which will also require approval by your local Information Governance team.

Once you have a signed information sharing agreement and Caldicott form then please e-mail them to us at nhc-‚Äč  and we will then arrange for you to have accounts for your staff to access the live registry. 

The following Technical information may be useful to your Information Governance team in order to complete the Information Sharing Agreement:

  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is the data controller.
  • E-Dendrite is the data processor. They host the registry on a Carelink server which is a secure encrypted data server, accessed via the internet or the N3 NHS internet. 
  • On the information sharing agreement the trust name will need to be added where highlighted and the endorsement would normally be signed by your trust governance lead.
  • The summary of endorsements in the information sharing agreement is that which is already summarised. 
  • There is no need to complete the data disposal section at this point.
  • The live registry is

Caldicott Approval

Once patients are entered onto the registry they are contacted by registry staff at 6-months and 1-year to obtain consent to continue to hold their data on the registry.

If patients do not consent then there are two options:

  • Trusts with no local Caldicott agreement: the patient record on BAJIR is fully anonymised. Any patient identifiable data is removed, and the record is no longer searchable by hospital number and cannot be used as part of their ongoing patient local care, but it continues to form part of the data on the registry and annual report. 
  • Trusts with a local Caldicott agreement: the patient record remains visible to the local treating team only, they can continue to search the patient by hospital number and edit their record as part of their ongoing care indefinitely. The patient record is anonymised at registry level only such that registry staff cannot see any patient identifiable data on the record, but it continues to form part of the data on the registry and annual report. 

If you need any assistance, then please do contact us via

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